Whatever your celebration,

barn dancing for all ages.


Based in Hampshire, we are one of the south of England's leading Ceilidh and Barn Dance Bands and have experience in entertaining at all types of function and all ages - weddings, parties, fund raisers, club/school socials etc, and special themed evenings such as Irish nights, Burns Suppers, Country & Western etc.....

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How long do we play for?

We recommend 2 'sets' of dancing of around 1 to 1.5 hours each. We do 1 or 2 dances at a time, with a short piece of interlude music before the next dance(s). If your guests are really enthusiastic, then we can do more dances together.


How do you explain the dances to beginners?

All our dances are easy to pick up, and our caller will 'walk' your guests through the dance before we do it to music. Each dance lasts around 10 minutes, including the quick walk through.


What space do the band need?

We can usually adapt our band setup for the space available. Ideally, an area of 6m x 3m is comfortable. A stage, if available, does help the caller.



September 21 update

We have had some great barn dances since our restart in July. Here is a Facebook visitor review from a recent birthday party barn dance….

August 2021 update

We’ve had some great wedding barn dances since our restart in July. Check out our recommendations page. You can catch us at The Spring festival in Havant on Saturday 21st August. Just £5 a ticket. https://thespring.co.uk/whats-on/the-four-days-frolic-barn-dance/

July 2021 Update

We are looking forward to restarting barn dancing this month with a number of delayed weddings. We have amended a number of dances to allow for social distancing between couples and small 4 person ‘bubbles’.

May 2021 update

We are looking forward to restarting barn dancing in July 2021. Do contact us if you have a Covid delayed booking and we can reschedule. Thank you to all those who are making new bookings.

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Public Events

The events below are open to the public. Follow links below for more information.

It is sometimes possible to view us at our private events. Please contact us for our current list to find a suitable date and we will contact the client to see if a visit is acceptable.  


02-Jul 2022 Pitton Carnival SP5 1DU