Our main line-up for barn dance or ceilidh is Mike on accordion, Ted on guitar,  Luke on percussion, plus caller. We can add a fourth musician - usually a violinist if your budget allows. We often take 2 bookings per night - the format of our second band will often be violin, guitar and drums plus caller - again with the option of a bigger band if required. For a Country & Western themed evening we can include our singer/barn & line dance caller Amanda. We have a number of musicians (some shown below) who guest for us if any of our regular band members are unavailable, or when running a second band. We work with a number of experienced callers from the south of England, all used to providing a fun evening of barn dancing for all ages and abilities. We play a mixture of English, Irish, Scottish and American styles of music and can tailor our tunes and dances to suit your event. For Burns Nights Ted is available to address the haggis (see video clip on this link).

  Luke Bunce

  Ted Fitzgerald

  Amanda Dance

  Barbara Garfath

  André Dance



Martin Lindridge

Ian Matthews